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Refund Policy
Deliveries in most cases will be instant, If we are unable to deliver within 24 hours of the purchase we will refund your order. All sales are final, once the in-game items have been delivered we are unable to refund.

Loss of Items
We take no liability for the loss of any items sold.

Any fraudulent actions or payments made to Shop4mmo will be dealt with as seen fit, legal action may be taken.

Shop4mmo is in no way shape or form affiliated with A Thinking Ape or Jagex LTD.

Delivery Issues
If you didn’t receive the items that you paid for please email us at shop4mmo@gmail.com including all of the necessary information for us to conduct an investigation. Do not file a dispute with your payment provider as this will result in you forfeiting your right to delivery.

In order to confirm the legitimacy of the payment being made identification may be asked for. If this can’t be provided we retain the right to cancel your order. Identification includes but is not limited to photo identification, address or phone number.
Shop4mmo reserves the right to terminate service for any customer at any time for any reason.

Acceptance of TERMS
By using Shop4mmo you herby agree to the terms of service.